Company Introduction


Leather Circle International was founded in 2007. In today’s market, where speed and flexibility are at a premium, we feel we offer our customers an unparalleled blend of quality, consistency, responsiveness, and innovation. Our desire is to provide you with a range of choices, styles, colors and textures to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We always use the finest hide selection for our products.

Through the years we have cultivated our experience to offer a dynamic line of leather products that include traditional old techniques along with carefully selected updates. We believe that most people are inherently good. It is our goal to serve the customer before, during and after the checkout process in hopes that you will be a returning customer. We look forward to doing business with you and maintaining your needs in the future.

Our technicians are artisans with many years of experience in this trade. To restore an organic material like leather requires an understanding of both the aesthetics of that material, and the science behind it. We understand what leather is, and we understand what it takes to restore it – to preserve the feel and performance that attracted you in the first place.