MD’s Message


“I decided to start my own company since 2007 with the name of LEATHER CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL because I want to work with my customers and share with them all the knowledge acquired in last years but in a full personalized way. The markets are constantly changing and it produce that forms of connection CUSTOMER-SUPPLIER and collaboration, should be redefined and adapted to new times.

LEATHER CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL born with a clear vocation CUSTOMER CARE and that means sit with customers and put in place, transferring all your knowledge to create the added value which is necessary in any business relationship.

LEATHER CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL advises customers on which is the best skin for each project, looking for that skin in the best tanneries in the world and offers the customer after making all necessary quality controls to ensure the highest quality standards present and future.

LEATHER CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL providing excellent services to our valuable customers, Sourcing, Development, Inspections and production follow up etc for all kind of Crust leather and finished leather like Cow, Buffalo, Goat and sheep for Shoes, Bags, Belts, leather goods, Automotive and upholstery etc. and leather goods like shoes, bags, belts, wallets, motorbike shoes and jackets and jackets etc.”


Managing Director
Leather Circle Intl.